Important Notice Regarding New By-Laws

The proposed new by-laws are now available for viewing. Please login to the Member Portal, where you will find a copy of the current By-Laws; a copy of the proposed By-Laws; and, a PowerPoint presentation explaining the proposed changes.

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Notice of Hearing

The purpose of the hearing is to hear the evidence and representations of the parties with respect to all matters relating to this application that have not been settled by the time the hearing occurs. The parties are entitled to be represented by counsel or an agent, and may be expected to call and examine witnesses, to conduct cross-examination, and to present argument.

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Application to Extended Trusteeship

NOTICE TO THE MEMBERSHIP OF LOCAL 786 - There will be a HEARING respecting CUPE’s Application to Extend the Trusteeship of CUPE Local 786 At The Ontario Labour Relations Board in TORONTO on Wednesday June 6, 2018

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Administration Update Meeting

Please be advised that there will not be any business of the Local conducted at this meeting. The meetings are for information purposes only, related to CUPE Local 786 being placed under Administration.

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